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Creativity, Innovation and Professional Aerial Filming with our world-class highly versatile helicopters.

Take your filming to a new level of creativity, innovation and professionalism with our world-class highly versatile helicopters. Our pilots’ knowledge and capability will help you achieve quality aerial filming and photographic shots. If you want some once-in-a-lifetime stunning video and film footage as well as classic stills imagery taken from a helicopter for your news, wedding or work, they don’t happen by mere chance.

Our pilots have extensive experience within the topography of the region. They will fly while you concentrate on what matters most; achieving the high quality footage you seek.

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About Us

Pro Flight Limited was established to provide outstanding helicopter services in leisure and business, private and corporate charter.
All charter flights are conducted using our luxury helicopters. With comfortable seating for up to 6 passengers you are assured
an executive style flying experience.

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