It has been described as having a spacious cabin for accommodating up to seven tourists and providing excellent external visibility.

The EC130 is principally aimed at commercial passenger transportation operators, such as aerial tour companies, whereas the preceding AS350 continued to be produced and marketed for utility operations instead. Vertical Magazine described the EC130 as being “one of the most highly successful single engine helicopters in air medical service”.

Our tailored solutions are geared to the individual needs of expatriate staff, HR managers, private individuals, families and diplomats. We offer a range of services that include careful packing of your belongings.


The type is well known for its high-altitude performance and has seen frequent use by operators in such environments.

The AS350 has proven popular in a wide range of roles; as such, multiple cabin configurations can be used, between four and six passengers in a typical seating configuration, and large sliding doors can be fitted to either side of the cabin. In some operators’ fleets, the furnishings of the cabin has been designed to enable the internal space and/or equipment fit-out to be rapidly reconfigured to enable aircraft to be switched between diverse operational roles. Public service operators, such as those in law enforcement, often have forward looking infrared (FLIR) cameras and other mission systems installed on their aircraft.


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