Pro Flight Limited has established itself as the premier helicopter services provider in Kenya by demonstrating its competitiveness locally, where our participation is easily the most competitive.

Our knowledge for the landscape, local expertise domestic and a base in Wilson Airport, Nairobi is fully-equipped with supporting infrastructure. With such established ground assets and human resources, we are well-poised to embark on future expansion.
Pro Flight Limited provides ad-hoc chartered flight services.
• helicopter shuttles and airport to hotel and hotel to airport executive transfers
• aerial inspections
• aerial work (inspections of landed properties or filming/shooting)
Pro Flight Limited plays a leading role in providing air transport for emergency medical services. There are many areas in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda etc, especially in Kilimanjaro, Turkana and Mau, which are not easily accessible by road and have a great need for air transportation in emergency cases.
Air transportation services involve provision of non-scheduled flights for passengers and goods, and undertaking of aerial works such as filming and aerial surveys. These are further broken down into:
• Contracted flight services; and
• Ad-hoc chartered flight services.
Pro Flight Limited provides helicopter charter services on long term and short term contracts. Helicopters are the most efficient way to transport personnel to installations in remote places.

We also provide ad-hoc chartered flight services, including helicopter shuttles, farm/plantation/business inspection flights, aerial filming and executive charters.

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About Us

Pro Flight Limited was established to provide outstanding helicopter services in leisure and business, private and corporate charter.
All charter flights are conducted using our luxury helicopters. With comfortable seating for up to 6 passengers you are assured
an executive style flying experience.

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